Monday, November 1, 2010

A Happy Halloween Story

Well, Halloween was a great success this weekend.  The weather cooperated, no one got sick and we all had a great time.  Ty dressed up as a SWAT policeman and Aaron dressed up as a knight in shining armor.

Saturday we went to Fairytale Town and a fun little event called "Boo at the Zoo" which was great.  There was only about a billion people there, but the excitement was worth it. 

Aaron got into a sword fight with a kid dressed as the "red knight".  
Down down knight going down!  {Sorry, it's from Cable Guy sometimes I can't help myself.}
Ty ran into some fellow officers and quickly proclaimed that his "bonker" {AKA night stick} was bigger than theirs.
The boys defending King Arther's Castle...they are mighty serious!

Good ol' Family pic
Aaron being cheesy.

Ty as a coachman

Here's Ty comparing "bonkers" and chatting with the po po.

The creepy carousel

The spooky train ride

This next photo was by far the highlight of the weekend.  The boys were so delighted passing out candy, we were powerless to stop them until the last of the trick-or-treaters came around {luckily that was around 8:45}.  They were yelling out into the street for people to come to their house because they still had lots of candy to "sale".  They obviously did not ask for any money, {my kinda sale!}  and they were mighty generous!  They also would yell out that if you came to their house, they would scare you...and they did.  =)
The best candy passer outers ever!

We are all in a bit of a candy coma today, but had a happy Halloween! Hope everyone else had a happy one too! 

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  1. Wow that is quite the action shot of them in front of the castle! I freaking love it!