Thursday, November 18, 2010

Embrace the Camara: November 18th 2010

It's Thursday already?!?! Times a flyin'!  I know you'll hate me for saying this, but we only have 37 days 'til Christmas!!!!  HOLY MOLY!!! Santa's helper had better get to work so these good little boys of mine get exactly what they want.  ;)  Remember when you were a kid and Christmas couldn't come soon enough?  Then you grow up and you just need a little more time right?

So, here's a kid that has literally been ready for Christmas since December 26th.  He is already sporting his Santa had for goodness sake.  Remember how excited he was when we started decorating last year? {Click here if you forgot.}  Well Aaron is ready and kind of patiently waiting.  Although, if it were up to him we would skip Thanksgiving all together.  Luckily it's not up to him, or we would miss out on some serious grub.

Jolly rogers and Santa hats?  Haven't you ever heard of Nightmare before Christmas?  It's Aaron's Favorite movie.
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