Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Corn Chowder

One of my main staples in the cold months.  I love this dish!  I tweak it often depending on my mood.  You can even make it in the morning and put it in the crock pot so it's all ready for dinner.
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5 slices chopped bacon
1 medium diced onion
1 Poblano or red pepper, diced
2-3 medium celery stalks, chopped
about 2 cups sliced carrots
2 cloves chopped garlic {optional}
1-16 oz. bag frozen sweet white corn
3 cups milk
2 cups chicken broth
4 largish potatoes, cut into bit sized pieces
1-2 tsp salt {to taste}
1/2- 1 tsp pepper {to taste}
1 tbsp butter
A generous handful of cheddar cheese {you can really use whatever you have on hand.}

I like to do this all in one pot to save on dishes.  Chop and prepare all you veggies.  Heat a large soup pot on medium high heat.  add chopped bacon and cook until crispy.  Remove bacon and set aside on a paper towel.  Add butter, onions, peppers, and celery.  Cook until tender.  Add carrots and garlic, cook until fragrant.  Add potatoes, milk and broth; bring to a boil.  Cook until carrots and potatoes are tender.  Add salt, pepper, and corn.  To thicken, remove about 2 cups of the veggies with a slotted spoon and puree with the handful of cheese until smooth.  Return puree to the pot stir in the bacon.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Ladle into bowls and garnish with cheese.  mmm mmm good.

*add in options*
2 cooked shredded chicken breasts
1-4 oz. can diced green chillies
a couple of diced stewed tomatoes
a few jalapenos
a splash of lime with some fresh cilantro
Come up with your own twist and let me know!  I'm always up for something new.  =)

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