Monday, January 31, 2011

Are these chopsticks from China?

Aaron has been quite curious about China lately. I'm not really sure why, but he has a lot of questions about the culture. He wants to know if they have real dragons, if they have real warriors {like on Mulan}, if they carry swords and much more! He has even tried to do his schoolwork written in Chinese. His teacher told him if he can write it in English first, he can write it in Chinese on the back if he has extra time. What a great teacher, eh? 

While we were in LA last week, we had some Chinese food.  I normally don't take the chopsticks, but this time I thought a certain someone back home would love them!  I was so right!

Aaron was a little disappointed that the chopsticks were not from China but in fact from LA.  In the end he said he was OK with it, but that he would pretend they were from China. ha.

Aaron loved pretending he was "Chinese" and he asked several times if he looked Chinese using the chopsticks.

Ty mainly used them as drumsticks, but he had fun with them too!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Random thoughts of a 4 year old

I just have to share the randomness of my conversations with my little Ty guy.  We were driving home from taking Aaron into the doctor yesterday and here are a few of the comments and burning questions on Ty's mind. 

1.  Mommy, what does "flat" mean?
2.  When I get big I will buy a huge ginormous truck that will be faster than all the police cars and I will never let people throw up in it.  
{Aaron just got done throwing up in a plastic bag in my car.  bleh.}
3.  Why are airplanes so small in the sky?
4.  Why do skunks fart?
5.  Cows don't like to be behind fences.  They like to run really fast.
6.  I am really strong.  Why are girls just not as strong as boys?  {He was born a chauvinist.}
7.  Why do some people have big bellies?
8.  Why can't fire trucks climb mountains?
9.  I know how bears scratch there backs and when I get home I am going to show you.  {Of course he did too!}

This could go on and on and on but I leave you with this last burning question...

10. Why don't girls have tallywackies? 
{AKA "man parts" and it's a long story son.}

Mind you it is only about 15 minutes to the doctors office...we had a lot to think about huh?

Have a fab weekend and pray that the rest of us don't get the flu too!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Embrace the Camera: January 27th

Well, we have been ducking and weaving all of the sickness going around until now. Unfortunately, the sickness has found a way into our house through Aaron today.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't all catch it. 
So with Jeremy at work and Ty at school, Aaron and I are being lazy bums today.  I would not say that I like it when my kids are sick, but I do find myself taking full advantage of the free snuggles and cuddles. 
I guess if there is a positive to being sick, that's it.

Doesn't he look so sad?
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's all fun and games until...

Ty Ty gets mad.

This is the first time the boys played the Sword Fighting on Wii Resort.
They were all rosy cheeked, sweaty and super cute.
Then Aaron won the sword fight.

Luckily, no one was harmed during the taping of this video.
  The Wii remote made it out alive too...

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Yes, I have been missing in action this week.  If you're curious what I was up to...Check my other blog out.  make womb for baby  I have been busy, but I am glad to be back.
Yes, Ty was assaulted in a bounce house while we were gone, thus the scratch on his face.  Apparently the kid had a picture of a clock on his shirt.  He now says he "hates" all boys with clocks on there shirts. Ha.
The boys are sure glad to have me back too!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kickin' it.

So not too much going on lately...but why do I feel like I have been so busy?  I don't know, but with this cold weather we have been spending a bit more time indoors.  The boys are professionals at being "Comfy Cozy" They actually request "comfy cozy time"  once in a while and I am always happy to oblige.  Of course when this happens, I can't resist snapping a few pictures when they are quiet and still.  A rare moment in this house.  
I cherish these moments.  

Aaron loves to snuggle into blankets and pillows.  I call it his nest.  Oh, and Ginger is always happy to join him.

This position made me laugh.

Front view.  Aaron wiggling his loose teeth, he is not a thumb sucker.

This little guy on the other hand is still a thumb sucker.  He keeps saying his is going to be a "big boy" and stop, but then before you know it auto pilot flips on and pop goes the thumb.  Oh, and he has a little love affair with his blanket. For some reason, ever since he was a baby, he has called it his "boom boom".
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Well that's all folks.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two loose teeth

Aaaahhh, how the time is flying by! Just thought I would share, Aaron now has not one, but two loose teeth!  He is growing up so fast.  Looks like I will have to to a photo shoot ASAP before we hit the ever so fun "Gangly age".  
You know the one we all go through where your teeth are too big for your face and half grown in?  I know, I know, everyone goes through it.  Of course in my completely unbiased opinion, my kids will not look as gangly as everyone else,  but is it too much to ask for my boys to stop growing up so fast? 

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Tough guy Super-heroes

We have a bit of a tradition in this house and it's called "Smack-down". It sounds bad, i know, but it is mostly Daddy throwing, chasing, pillow-fighting and tickling the boys until they are laughing so hard they are going to pee their pants. 
{In case you were wondering, it has happened.}
Yes and notice I said Daddy and not Mommy?
Ya, that is because I ALWAYS end up getting hurt.
I'm not really a wimp, 
{although Ty says I don't do smack sown because I'm a girl}
my injuries have been substantial and make no mistake.  These guys are tough!  I have been cannon balled in the stomach and punched in the nose to name a few.  So the logical choice for me is to be in the audience and watch all of this madness.
I usually get a good laugh, they always put on a good show, and last night was no exception.

So about last night, the boys were particularly crazy and came up with the idea of being Super-heroes to {and I quote} "Smack Daddy down to China town!" Here is the costume came up with.

You're going down!
Complete with their tough guy faces. Not really sure what to say about this one except that I was literally laughing out loud.  These kids crack me up with all their crazy ideas.

Not sure who's winning here, but one things for sure.  Jeremy's days are numbered...
At one point Aaron said to Jeremy, 
"You're not going to get away with this!  I'm a six-year-old super hero and I'm feisty!!!"  
I LOVE the vocabulary he picks up. 
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***speaking of vocabulary, unrelated side note here... 
The other day I was in my standard favorite velour sweatsuit {love them!} and no make up.  
Aaron told me I looked exquisite.  
What 6 year old says that?    
Sure wasn't feeling exquisite until he said that.
 I love these kids.  
What did I ever do for entertainment before them?

Hope everyone has an "exquisite" weekend!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Embrace the Camera: January 6th 2011

This week is all about my favorite guys.
What can I say? I can't get enough of them.
This shot was taken at Jeremy's office.
The boys were misbehaving.
So naturally we did what every sane parent would do.

We put them in a cage.


No, for real though, they loved these things because they have wheels and Jeremy, being such a kid himself was wheeling them around in them.
We know better than to post pictures of the real cages for these wild little animals. 

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oreo Truffles

I know this is really bad timing for most of you with the New Year resolutions and all. I promise I am really not a diet saboteur. I meant to post this before Christmas, but things got sooo busy and yaddayaddayadda you're getting it now.

It really is an easy and delicious dessert. 
If you have any baby/bridal showers, birthdays or even PMS coming up you might want to give 'em a try. 
These are Fab-u-lous!
...or you could be really good and serve fruit for derssert. Ha. 

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Club house

The boys tackled project Clubhouse last weekend and they had a blast! It was so cute to see them working together. There is just something about seeing Jeremy with the boys that puts a smile on my face. I think being with them brings out the kid in him.
It's so good to see.

Setting up and getting started
Aaron does not usually like to "build" things, but he was sure loving this!
Ty was of course in his element.

I couldn't resist a close up of these baby blues.
Jeremy was super excited to use his heavy machinery he got for Christmas.  I think Ty shared in that excitement.

Although they like the clubhouse, I think we could have gotten away with giving them a large box instead.  Classic.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our New Years Eve

Well you saw the first half, {the worst day ever}.  The second half didn't go quite as planned either.  As I mentioned Aaron was getting over the flu so we decided to have a quiet night at home and I was envisioning a fun family game night and lots of fun.  Unfortunately I was fighting a migraine and was very much on edge.  I kept telling the kids to keep it down and to be quiet, but the problem is they have a short term memory of about 2.2 seconds.  I was a bit grumpy.  uuuggghhh...
So I really tried to be a sport and power through it and we played a few games and I took picture of that part...
Strawberry Shakes...mmm...

Our dog Ginger was a nervous Nellie all night.  She hates fireworks.  Is there such a thing as green eye reduction? ha.  She is not really a demon.  I promise.

Crazy boys

Jenga Jenga Jenga

...then I dropped my camera!  NOOO!!!  It is completely dead and won't work and I just want to cry.  I could have made a devastating video like Aaron's, but again tried to suck it up at least for our game night. 

Our night ended with the usual New Years smooch and we were literally in bed by midnight.  It ended up being a pretty fun night.  I love my little family, they made me smile even though I was a bit grumpy.

My Darling Husband just walked in the door as I was typing this post and handed me a new camera and said,
"Merry Christmas."  What a sweetheart!
Oh, I love this man.

The worst day ever...

Every year by the time New years day hits, I am sooo ready to take down the Holiday decorations it is not even funny.  This year knowing that New Years day would be rainy, we did it a day early.  Great plan right?
For those who don't know my son Aaron, he absolutely LOVES Christmas decorations.  So we made a deal with him knowing he would be upset when we took down the clutter, um I mean decor.  He could pick a couple of his favorite items to put in his room and I could put the rest away.  Well problem is one of the items he wanted in his room was the blow ups outside.  Obviously, this was not happening.  Those things are GINORMOUS!  Then he wanted the Christmas tree...umm no...
Needless to say, our little deal backfired and somehow we ended up with a nativity, countless ornaments, Christmas lights, an angel tree-topper and what ever else he was able to squirrel away in there.
So I of course took out my camera and captured the devastation. It really did seem like the worst day ever. My poor little guy, it was so very sad.
**By the way, he just got over the flu so he has some extreme dark circles under his eyes. 
It is just so sad. 
Did I mention it was sad?  
Oh, ya twice.   :(

So a while later, I blew up these punch balloons and Aaron said even though it was the worst day ever, he was feeling quite a bit more cheerful.  
Sure looks like it huh?

Happy New Year! 
May 2011 Be filled with more joy and happiness than you can possibly handle.