Friday, January 14, 2011

Kickin' it.

So not too much going on lately...but why do I feel like I have been so busy?  I don't know, but with this cold weather we have been spending a bit more time indoors.  The boys are professionals at being "Comfy Cozy" They actually request "comfy cozy time"  once in a while and I am always happy to oblige.  Of course when this happens, I can't resist snapping a few pictures when they are quiet and still.  A rare moment in this house.  
I cherish these moments.  

Aaron loves to snuggle into blankets and pillows.  I call it his nest.  Oh, and Ginger is always happy to join him.

This position made me laugh.

Front view.  Aaron wiggling his loose teeth, he is not a thumb sucker.

This little guy on the other hand is still a thumb sucker.  He keeps saying his is going to be a "big boy" and stop, but then before you know it auto pilot flips on and pop goes the thumb.  Oh, and he has a little love affair with his blanket. For some reason, ever since he was a baby, he has called it his "boom boom".
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Well that's all folks.

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