Friday, January 28, 2011

Random thoughts of a 4 year old

I just have to share the randomness of my conversations with my little Ty guy.  We were driving home from taking Aaron into the doctor yesterday and here are a few of the comments and burning questions on Ty's mind. 

1.  Mommy, what does "flat" mean?
2.  When I get big I will buy a huge ginormous truck that will be faster than all the police cars and I will never let people throw up in it.  
{Aaron just got done throwing up in a plastic bag in my car.  bleh.}
3.  Why are airplanes so small in the sky?
4.  Why do skunks fart?
5.  Cows don't like to be behind fences.  They like to run really fast.
6.  I am really strong.  Why are girls just not as strong as boys?  {He was born a chauvinist.}
7.  Why do some people have big bellies?
8.  Why can't fire trucks climb mountains?
9.  I know how bears scratch there backs and when I get home I am going to show you.  {Of course he did too!}

This could go on and on and on but I leave you with this last burning question...

10. Why don't girls have tallywackies? 
{AKA "man parts" and it's a long story son.}

Mind you it is only about 15 minutes to the doctors office...we had a lot to think about huh?

Have a fab weekend and pray that the rest of us don't get the flu too!!!

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