Saturday, June 30, 2012


 If there is one thing that makes these little guys happy, its when I say YES to paint!  They love creating things and I do love to make them happy...I don't always love the mess, but these smiles are worth it...


Sunday, June 10, 2012


 Jeremy and I took a long weekend and went to Mendocino this summer as a little early anniversary getaway.  We've been here a few times and we always enjoy the slow paced environment of this sleepy little town.  It was gorgeous!  We simply couldn't resist snapping pictures of all the beautiful gardens and sights around us.

We stayed at The Maccullum House {our favorite B&B} in the barn suite.  It may look a little rustic on the outside, but the interior is quite luxurious. 

Our view from the deck

Breakfast in the sunroom
The main house
 Like I said, the gardens around town are amazing!  Here's a few of my favorite shots...


Doing a little shopping
Taking a little break
Jeremy has me pose on this bench every time we go just for tradition's another one. 
The sheer size of this tree is amazing!
We took what was supposed to be a quick hike to see this lighthouse. However, when you have a full bladder, it felt like the longest hike of my life!  I didn't really get to take in the sights here, so luckily Jeremy took pictures.

Another traditional shot...
...and yet another photo op we always do on our way home.

I always enjoy this little trip with my hubby.  Can't wait until next time!

Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8th...AKA Ty's Birthday!

Since we had the big bash yesterday and we are all still recovering from all of the wacky tacky chaos, we did a little mini celebration for Ty's 6th birthday with some of our close friends {the Dubenkos}.

We went swimming, BBQed and played.  Easy, breezy and low key...
Tyler and Mason cheesing it up.
Goggle Eyes
Pazookie time with a very enthusiastic birthday song courtesy of Mason.
 I just have to take a moment here to say how grateful I am to have this little guy as my son.  He is my little M&M.  He sometimes puts on like he is Mister tough guy with a hard shell, but in the middle, he is so sweet.  He has such a good heart and a great sense of humor.  He always looks out for other people, especially his brother.  He also has a determination that will serve him very well someday.
I love you Ty Ty!!! Happy Birthday!!!

The Last Day of School

 I can't believe how quickly this year went!  It's the end of Kindergarten for Ty and Second grade so Aaron.  These boys have grown up so much...
Aaron and his second grade teacher, Mrs. Schrieber.   
Aaron and his best buddy, Lochlan.  These two were like peas in a pod all year long.

Aaron and Lochlan, Preston, and Charlie

Tyler had a little "promotion ceremony" and song to mark the end of Kindergarten.  This year the last day of school was also Ty's sixth birthday!
Tyler and Mrs. Hill.  I think he may have had a crush on her at one point...

Here he is getting his certificate.
My silly Ty.  Don't grow up too fast...
Now for summer vacation!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ty's 6th Birthday Party

 We had Ty's birthday party at Wacky Tacky.  Yes, it was wacky and yes a little tacky, but the kids had a blast!!!

Natalie, Tyler and "baby Hayden"
Ty and Nat have had a little crush thing going on all school year...
Tyler and Ethan.
Balloon bending!
Face painting!
Wacky and Tacky chaos in the party room.
The birthday bash was a huge success.  We all went home with very tired kiddos that night. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Obsessed Much?

Just a quick update to say how much Ty LOVES his trophy.  He started holding it everywhere he went!  So cute!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tee Ball Trophy

 Ty's Tee Ball season on the Washington Nationals ended with a trophy ceremony at our local pizza parlor.  This was his first, but {I'm predicting} not the last trophy he receives.  He really loved playing.
Here's the traditional Tyler smile when he sees the camera come out.
It was so cute to see that they are still young enough to give each other hugs! 
He was SO excited!!!
 We are so proud of you Tyler!
You did a great job this season and always tried your best.