Monday, February 27, 2012


Jeremy and I just got back from the most FANTASTIC vacation ever!  We went to an all inclusive, adult only, resort in Cancun Mexico and I just can not say how wonderful it was.  We went with our friends Allyson and Tim which made it really fun too.  This is the first vacation where I can honestly say we did a whole lot of nothing.  We played around on the beach, lounged by the pool and got massages.  For once I did not feel like we needed a vacation after the vacation.  I came back recharged and ready to relieve my Mom from my busy boys.  It was pure bliss.
Chillin' on the beach

The water was not only gorgeous, but warm too!

Boogie boarding
Allyson and Tim soaking up the sun

Lounging by the pool

On our way to snorkel. 

Ready to swim with the fishies.

The ceiling in the lobby was beautiful.

Each night there was some sort of acrobatic/dance show.  They were great entertainment and let me just say, these people could do some freakishly awesome things with their bodies.

Our last morning here.

Interestingly enough it was impossible to get a good plate of nachos in Mexico.  Apparently that's more of an American thing.  Ha!  Don't get me wrong, the food was fantastic, I just really wanted Nachos.  Had to get them in the airport on our way home though. 

So that's that.  I have now found my "happy place".   I told Jeremy we need to include it in the budget every year for sanity purposes.  We'll see if that happens. ;)