Thursday, August 20, 2009

All grown up


It's official! Aaron has started Kindergarten. He looked absolutely adorable (of course) and he totally rocked 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed. I think he is a genius! =) When We left, He just waved goodbye and went back to his book. I of course got in the car and began the waterworks. (like any rational Mother would do).

When I picked him up his teacher told me he did great, but I wanted some detail. So I asked him all about it and his answer to almost everything was, "I don't remember." He is just like his Daddy. I so wanted to to be a little fly on the wall. I guess I should get used to it. I remember when I was asked how school was and I always said "Fine".

I came to the realization tonight that I have been building up this first day for so long that I failed to remember we have at least fifteen more years of this! We have to go back... everyday! Hopefully he will learn to spill the gossip a little in that time, or I might have to become the room mommy through out High School. "Anyone for juice boxes?"

I still can't believe my little baby is in school. I guess I better get used to that too!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dillan's Beach

It was our last weekend of the summer, so we took the kids to Dillan's Beach. It was a gorgeous drive and we beat the heat. Aaron loved being buried in the sand. Ty loved rolling down the ramp of sand. Jeremy and I got some relaxation. We had a great day...