Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8th...AKA Ty's Birthday!

Since we had the big bash yesterday and we are all still recovering from all of the wacky tacky chaos, we did a little mini celebration for Ty's 6th birthday with some of our close friends {the Dubenkos}.

We went swimming, BBQed and played.  Easy, breezy and low key...
Tyler and Mason cheesing it up.
Goggle Eyes
Pazookie time with a very enthusiastic birthday song courtesy of Mason.
 I just have to take a moment here to say how grateful I am to have this little guy as my son.  He is my little M&M.  He sometimes puts on like he is Mister tough guy with a hard shell, but in the middle, he is so sweet.  He has such a good heart and a great sense of humor.  He always looks out for other people, especially his brother.  He also has a determination that will serve him very well someday.
I love you Ty Ty!!! Happy Birthday!!!

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