Saturday, January 1, 2011

The worst day ever...

Every year by the time New years day hits, I am sooo ready to take down the Holiday decorations it is not even funny.  This year knowing that New Years day would be rainy, we did it a day early.  Great plan right?
For those who don't know my son Aaron, he absolutely LOVES Christmas decorations.  So we made a deal with him knowing he would be upset when we took down the clutter, um I mean decor.  He could pick a couple of his favorite items to put in his room and I could put the rest away.  Well problem is one of the items he wanted in his room was the blow ups outside.  Obviously, this was not happening.  Those things are GINORMOUS!  Then he wanted the Christmas tree...umm no...
Needless to say, our little deal backfired and somehow we ended up with a nativity, countless ornaments, Christmas lights, an angel tree-topper and what ever else he was able to squirrel away in there.
So I of course took out my camera and captured the devastation. It really did seem like the worst day ever. My poor little guy, it was so very sad.
**By the way, he just got over the flu so he has some extreme dark circles under his eyes. 
It is just so sad. 
Did I mention it was sad?  
Oh, ya twice.   :(

So a while later, I blew up these punch balloons and Aaron said even though it was the worst day ever, he was feeling quite a bit more cheerful.  
Sure looks like it huh?

Happy New Year! 
May 2011 Be filled with more joy and happiness than you can possibly handle.

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