Friday, December 31, 2010

A funny thing...

Just had to share...I don't know if I have ever mentioned that Ty has a T-E-M-P-E-R.  I know he looks all sweet, but trust me when I say he has a little spice too.  If he could punch a hole in the wall I think he would.  So we have been really, REALLY trying to help him control that little temper of his lately and we are finally seeing some progress.  He is learning to use his words.  I guess after you say something about a billion times it eventually sinks in.  

So the story goes...

"Mom can I have a gogurt?"
"No, Dinner is almost ready."  
He asks a few more times and I give the same answer.
He stops asking for a while and I hear a couple door slams {which I ignore} and then he comes down stairs wearing his mad face.

I smile at him.  
He hates when I do this and I may just be egging it on, but it is key to let him know he is not pushing any of my matter how much I hate the slamming of the doors.

Then he says,
"Mommy, I am just so mad at you.  I am not going to live in this house any more.  I am going to live in the woods today. hhmph."

I say, "Well you might want to pack your flash light.  It gets pretty dark in the woods."
He then runs to his room crying and says something about me not being fair and I say something about life not being fair.  
There you have it.  
Progress people.
Happy Friday.

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