Monday, December 13, 2010

My lil character

 For those who don't know...Ty is the master of disguise.  He is always keeping me guessing as to who he will be for the day.  He has been doing it for years and I love it!  If he is not dressed up, he is at least in his firefighter rain boots {even if it is summer} in case of an emergency.  The thing that is so great about it is that when he is in character, he is in it 100%.  
He is completely serious and he often looks at people smiling at him and talking to him about his "costume" like they are crazy.  In his mind it is not a costume, so why is everyone staring?  I laugh hysterically on the inside, but if I so much as crack a smile, i get the "Please stop Mom!" 
Knight in shining armor


I have no idea what this is...he has a gun, a helmet and a pillow strapped to his back.

Mr. Potato head glasses and a helmet...he can be quite creative



I love that he keeps me laughing...even if it is on the inside.

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