Thursday, December 2, 2010

Embrace the Camera: December 2nd 2010

This week we are "embracing" the whole fam.  It's a bit long, but hey it was a long weekend!  We spent Thursday with my in laws and had a lot of fun. The whole crew made it out from Colorado and a full house makes for a fun house for sure!
A little Father son action

Papa Carl sneaking in on this one...
My Mother-in-Law and her 4 boys.

Good ol' family pic.

Saturday we had a second Thanksgiving at my mom's house. It was smaller, but a good time all the same...enjoy!

My Mom, my sister Beckie, my brother Khris, and my brother-in-law Marcel.

My Grandpa and Ty.

My mom with her Mom and Dad.

My Grandma with Aaron.

Jeremy and I. {Ty took this picture, pretty good huh?}

What a great weekend we had.
A whole lot of embracin' goin' on here!
We truly have so much to be grateful for...

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