Friday, January 7, 2011

Tough guy Super-heroes

We have a bit of a tradition in this house and it's called "Smack-down". It sounds bad, i know, but it is mostly Daddy throwing, chasing, pillow-fighting and tickling the boys until they are laughing so hard they are going to pee their pants. 
{In case you were wondering, it has happened.}
Yes and notice I said Daddy and not Mommy?
Ya, that is because I ALWAYS end up getting hurt.
I'm not really a wimp, 
{although Ty says I don't do smack sown because I'm a girl}
my injuries have been substantial and make no mistake.  These guys are tough!  I have been cannon balled in the stomach and punched in the nose to name a few.  So the logical choice for me is to be in the audience and watch all of this madness.
I usually get a good laugh, they always put on a good show, and last night was no exception.

So about last night, the boys were particularly crazy and came up with the idea of being Super-heroes to {and I quote} "Smack Daddy down to China town!" Here is the costume came up with.

You're going down!
Complete with their tough guy faces. Not really sure what to say about this one except that I was literally laughing out loud.  These kids crack me up with all their crazy ideas.

Not sure who's winning here, but one things for sure.  Jeremy's days are numbered...
At one point Aaron said to Jeremy, 
"You're not going to get away with this!  I'm a six-year-old super hero and I'm feisty!!!"  
I LOVE the vocabulary he picks up. 
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***speaking of vocabulary, unrelated side note here... 
The other day I was in my standard favorite velour sweatsuit {love them!} and no make up.  
Aaron told me I looked exquisite.  
What 6 year old says that?    
Sure wasn't feeling exquisite until he said that.
 I love these kids.  
What did I ever do for entertainment before them?

Hope everyone has an "exquisite" weekend!

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