Monday, November 15, 2010

aaahhh it's fall...

 I just have to say that we are so loving this gorgeous fall weather.  
I feel like we end up skipping over my favorite seasons so much of the time.  We go straight from winter to summer, then summer to winter practically over night.  
I'm left wondering if we ever truly have spring or fall here in Cali.  
So this year we have been lucky enough to get both.  
Here we are in November, almost to Thanksgiving no less, and we've got  mid 70's and beautiful blue skies.  
I'm a happy girl.  
Here's my happy boys.
awww, a little brotherly love.

i got them to pose in a pile of freshly raked leaves...i'm sure you can guess what comes next.
wow.  it really is those little things that make kids so happy.  =)

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