Friday, November 12, 2010

Eat your vegetables!

So we all know the dinnertime saying "eat your vegetables!" and I have yet to meet a kid that truly enjoys them. I have tried it all...
"Psh...silly mommy, i will never, not ever eat that carrot!"
I am not above bribery...If you eat this piece of broccoli you can watch a show before bed.
If you eat that carrot, we can read an extra book before bed.
And the threats...If you don't eat that pea, you don't get dessert tonight.
and my personal favorite..
If you eat that corn, i will let you pick a piece of candy.
Don't judge. and no, I don't think one cancels out the other.
"You eat it!"
So my latest tactic was to use Ty's friend Mason.  I simply told him that Mason is really REALLY strong because he always eats carrots dipped in ranch.  {everything is good dipped in ranch right?} He is highly competitive so ya, I played him a little.
Guess what?  He believed me!  Not only that, but the whole time he was munching on his lunch that day which included carrots, he was checking out his muscles to see how big they were getting.

Oh, that grubbiness on his belly is not dirt.  It's the remnants of a long lasting tattoo.  I do bathe my kids.  Every night.  I swear.

So now any time someone says, "My, look how big you are growing Ty!"  he simply states, " I eat carrots."
I love this kid!

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