Saturday, December 1, 2012


Aaron and Ty were able to participate in an enrichment program at school this year called starstruck.  It was a dance performance that basically was just for the pure enjoyment of all the parents.  Honestly, we probably could have packed the place with just our family but tickets were limited.  So to everyone that didn't get to be there, here's the videos {as promised}. Enjoy!

Here's Ty performing on the first night.  He was right in the front row which was great!  
Unfortunately he's right under the spot light at first so you can't see his serious expression, but he rocked It's a Small World!

On the second night, Aaron's class performed Whoop there it is!  He had a lot of fun too, and he knew his moves better than anyone, he's just a little hard to see at first.  He starts out in the back row, but moves his was up.  He did such a great job!

The kids had a lot of fun with it, and they both have some great moves, not that this comes as a huge surprise with all of their Just Dance experience.  
I loved every minute of this...

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