Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Penguins

Well Mister Aaron made his acting debut in a class play called Merry Penguins.   He Played an elf named Jingle and he was the cutest elf ever if I do say so myself.

Aaron was not nervous at all and he said he NEVER gets stage fright.  According to Aaron, the only thing that would frighten him is if he was walking behind someone that looked human, but when they turned around they were actually a zombie.  Ha!

When he first came out on stage, we were lucky enough to get a little smile and a wave.
Here's some of my favorite shots...
This picture cracked me up.  He kept looking over at his {not so} little cheer leading section and winking or waving every so often.
In this scene, Aaron did a little ad lib and decided to be a greedy little elf.  I true cookie monster style he gobbled those cookies up! 
His teacher {Mrs. Bryant} did a great job putting this together.  It was something that absolutely doesn't have to be done, but the kids, and the parents I might add, really appreciated it. 
She is really a wonderful teacher and person.
He even has a little smooch on his cheek...I wonder where that came from? ;)

I know I speak for everyone when I say this...
We are so proud of you Aaron!!! 
You did a fantastic job and we love you to pieces!

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