Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Exe was spent with at my Mom's house with the whole Blair clan. 
Marky the elf was adorable as usual.
Snuggles with Aunt Beckie and of course my little book worm in the back ground snuggling with Auntie Julie.  Side note here, I think Julie was successful in dodging the camera during this holidy season...I'll get you next year for sure though Jules!

Every year the cousins gress up for the nativity reinactment while my Grandpa tells the manger sstory.
My Aunt Tammy with her kiddos plus her newly aquired daughter in law.  They all have on fantastically ugly sweaters!
My Ty Guy
The boys recieved some cute puppets from Great Grandma and Grandpa.
My Grandma and I...I just lover her so much!

Mister Aaron with his new puppet and blanket.
We didn't have ugly sweaters on so we did some crazy faces instead.
Merry Christmas Eve!
It's always so wonderful to get together with everyone.
 I'm so lucky to have a family so full of love.

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