Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

My little sister {Beckie} got married to a great guy {Marcel} last weekend. It turned out beautiful and everyone had a lot of fun. Here's some highlights form their special day...

Marcel, his sister Tanesha and Beckie at the rehearsal/set up the night before the big day.
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Ty, Aaron and Avery {one of the flower girls}

Ty, Avery and Aaron all spiffed up and looking ADORABLE {if I do say so myself} for the wedding.

Beckie and the Father of the bride {Bill}all ready to go.


Mr. and Mrs. Ross

The wedding party

The happy couple.

Our Grandma and Grandpa...they have been married for 64 years!

Cutting the cake...they were really nice and sweet to each other. No cake smashing here just two newly married, civilized adults. {So unlike my wedding but that's another story! ;) }

Jeremy and I...married for 11 years now!

How cute is this kid? I mean seriously!

Mason and Ty...Best buddies

I know this is not "the best" picture of the bouquet toss, but I have to bring your attention away from the bride {for just a moment} to look at my sister Julie {black dress, arms out} in the background. Do you think she wants that bouquet? Oh yeah, she wants it one is getting past her!

Look closer still, she is in a choke hold! Marcel's sister Annette seems to want it just as badly...funny part is neither of them ended up with it. Play nice next time ladies!

The Garter toss...the guys played fair.

All the wedding "work" is done, let the party begin.

No one knows how to get a dance party started like Aaron...people kept commenting that he was like a professional "crumper". He is dancing with Lily {Marcel's niece}. More to come on this...I have video.

My mom and her sisters...they were a HUGE help!

Remember this day always. Love you guys!

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