Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Child Labor

I know child labor is frowned upon these days, but I swear he likes it.  Not to mention, it's so much cheaper than hiring a carpenter.  

We {and I use this term loosely, i do a lot of talking and finger pointing, J does the heavy lifting.} are refinishing our hallway cabinets and tearing out the carpet in the hallway {our highest traffic area}.  I'll post some pix when it's all done, but let me just say, I am so gosh darn excited!  It's coming along beautifully!  =)

Looky here, our little "workerman" even feeds the "boss" McDonald's french fries when they are on a break. 
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Some paint and stain: $13.00
Child Labor: 4 quarters and 1 penny
Some quality time with Daddy: Priceless

***update: Ty is in all black because it is part of his SWAT Halloween outfit.  It's not a mandatory work uniform.

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