Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grosser Dinner

Christmas eve this year was with the Grosser crew. My Mom-In-Law was sick so with 24 hours notice, I threw together a feast for the family. I turned out great and we all enjoyed ourselves. We did miss Diana though!
Carl spent the whole time trying to capture every picture he could so Diana could enjoy the day via pictures.

I spent a good portion of the evening at the stove.

Barbara also tried to capture the evening on film.

Margarete helped keep the kiddos occupied.

Ty kept his eye on the presents.

Once little miss Hayden arrived, the boys were on a mission to keep her smiling!

They did really good too!

They played in the toy room.

Opened Presents

Aaron actually screamed like a little girl when he got this one.

Ty loved his new scooter and helmet

Dustin and his new golf bag.

New snorkel gear for Cancun

Carl, Margarete and Marty

Oma and the boys

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