Saturday, December 3, 2011


Guess what Ty?  We're going to Disneyland today!!!
Another Disney trip this year and can I just say it was the best ever!  
The boys are finally at that age where we can go on the roller coasters and bigger kid rides.  It made it so much more enjoyable not to go on Small world a dozen times a day.  Matter of fact, we didn't even make it on there once this time! 

We have never been there around Christmas before, so it was really special to see all of the little details Disney does to make things festive.

I took about 400 hundred pictures, but here's a few of my favs...

We went with Jeremy's parents this time.  It was really nice to have them there.  We all took turns on kid duty so we could go on the really big kid rides.  =)

Speaking of Big kid rides...this one is CRAZY!

Here we are on the inside of the Tower of Terror.  You literally scream bloody murder on this one. 
The boys with Pluto
The boys got there orders in with Santa. 

Grammy and Aaron on the tram

During the Christmas Parade, Ty waved at every Character and they all either waved or blew kisses to him.  It was adorable.

Aaron sat there with a smile the whole time!

A little while after the parade, we saw the fireworks which were nothing short of amazing.  The Pictures do not do them justice at all, but I had to snap a few anyway.
As if the parade and fireworks weren't enough, all of the lights turn white and it snows on Main street at the end of the night while playing White Christmas.   I know I can be a bit sappy at times, but seeing the boys face with the snow coming down made me get a bit teary. 

The boys and I in front of the Haunted Mansion
Ty sniffed out the video games in the park.  As you can see he really gets into them.
One Happy Camper
Aaron and I waiting for his new favorite ride.  The Matterhorn!
Jeremy and Ty waiting front of the Matterhorn
Horrible picture, I know.  We had to document this though.  The boys went on Space Mountain!  Granted, they said they felt like they were going to throw up afterwards, but that's OK.  Jeremy and I had fun!

Jeremy and I in California Adventure's "Hollywood"

Another happy little camper in toon town.
Jungle Cruise with Mommy
Jungle Cruise with Daddy

We also went the same week as my big sis Amy.  Here's the kiddos waiting for the Storybook ride. (One of my favorites!)
Aunt Amy and Ty

Ty, Aaron, Maddi and Riley on the Story book ride
The Tea cups

My niece Maddi getting Alic's autograph on her "Un-Birthday"
Must've been good...2 thumbs up!
I love this sweet smile, I can't get enough of it!

A "toy" Family minus a mad Ty.  He would NOT pose with us unless we bought him another churro, so we did it with out him.

A NOT so happy camper. Don't mess with him!

Ty and Papa sitting out the Ferris wheel
We took a ride on the Colombian and explored the whole ship.  Really cool.

Jeremy below ship on day four.  Need I say more?

Diana and I
Disney doesn't do anything half way...
We had a fabulous time and can't wait to go back again!
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