Thursday, December 15, 2011

Embrace the camera:December 15th 2011

I have to start this "Embrace" with a little back ground. When I was a little girl, I LOVED to color. I am also a little bit OCD.  
I used to put all of my crayons, markers and pencils in color coordinated order. I would write my name, the alphabet, hearts, stars, etc.. over and over again in every color. 
My sister Julie on the other hand was just the opposite. Sure, she loved to color, but not in the organized fashion I did. She used to leave the caps off or put the blues with the pinks and I used to get so mad! 

So anyway, every time I put a coin in the fountain to make a wish at the mall, I would wish for a set of markers that was all mine. No sharing with my little sister who obviously had zero respect for color coordination. I would never tell anyone about my wishes because, you know, it wouldn't come true and all. So every time we got new markers it would be for the both of us and I was so disappointed.
Now I have my own kiddos and I have a fellow OCD artist on my hands. 
I couldn't be more proud! 
I bought him some new markers and just look at how excited he is!

Happy OCD artists

We color coordinated...serious business.
We used every color in our drawings...
We even sniffed our scented markers and got dots on our nose.

We had so much fun together I felt like I was a kid again! 
Am I passing along my OCDish habits? 
As an adult there's nothing wrong with having your clothes hung up in rainbow order right? If that's the worst of my habits I pass on, we're in petty good shape.

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