Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

Before I get to the Christmas morning Chaos, I have to give a quick little goodbye to our Elf on the Shelf.
We, and especially I, will miss him sooo much!  He has really kept our little guys in line this holiday season and whoever created him is a genius.  Just sayin'. 
Criddle, our elf keeping a watchful eye on the Grosser Zoo.
Ty wanted to make sure he was well cared for at the North Pole.

Aaron wanted to make sure Santa knew exactly what we left him for a snack.
Ty woke up first and was trying to get a sneak peek.

Always a bummer when we have to wake him up, the boy LOVES his sleep!

On our way downstairs...

I was so happy to see that before the boys even looked at their own gifts, they hurried to the gifts they got for each other.  They were so excited to GIVE it made my heart happy.

Ty giving Aaron his gift.

Ty gave Daddy a screw driver.  He was so proud of that!

Ginger loved her gift too.

Ty and his Green Machine

Jeremy got 2 1/2 pound Reeses cups from the boys to.  mmm...

RC helicopter was a fave for sure...for all three boys!
We had a great morning, but as soon as it was over, it was time to prepare for the next round.  The Grizwolds, AKA my family, was on there way for brunch! :)

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