Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Well, Halloween this year was great.  The boys are at a good age for trick or treating and we almost made it around the whole neighborhood.  We are fortunate enough to have a TON of kids in the hood which makes for a fun and safe night.  We came home to an empty candy bowl {as expected} just to fill it right back up with all of the loot we grabbed. 

Here's our little sweeties...
Pharaoh Aaron AKA "Phaaron"   Walk like an Egyptian...

Dejavu? Yep, this is last years costume.  I bought Ty a Darth Vader costume for this year and last minute, he refused to wear it!  He didn't want his cape to drag on the ground and he didn't like how the belt was too big for him.  He is such a perfectionist!  He was OK with high waters though...

Phaaron and his friend Avery AKA Taylor Swift

Notice our group got larger as the night went on...Good times.

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