Saturday, October 29, 2011

Swing batter batter swing!

In the spirit of the World Series, we decided it was about time to teach these boys about baseball.  They are not a part of a team or anything {yet}, but they are getting the basics down.  First of all, Ty found Jeremy's old baseball jersey from high school in the closet the other day so he absolutely HAD to have Jeremy wear it. 

Ty loves it and has a natural athletic ability for sure.  He's swinging lefty and he's got quite the arm on him.  He actually broke 3 wiffle balls in half!  

As for Aaron, we kind of had to bribe him to at least try it.  He loved hitting the ball, but as far as running and catching went, not so much.  
He said he would do it for candy corn, but he wouldn't like you can see, he didn't.  Check out those flared nostrils!

Needless to say, I don't think Aaron will be making a career around baseball.
Ty on the other hand is pretty serious...we'll see.

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