Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aaron Lost his first tooth!

All I can say is FINALLY!  This tooth has been hanging by a thread for quite some time now.  He lost it at school and he was SO excited.  He was jumping up and down and saying how excited he was about the tooth fairy coming to his house.  I was lucky that it was my day to volunteer in the classroom the day he lost it because I did not have my camera!  I'm so glad I got to share the excitement with him.
It was really hard to get a real smile AND show the gap in his teeth.  The best I could do, but still cute!

The next morning, was almost as exciting as Christmas morning.  The Tooth Fairy left him a note and 5 bucks for his first tooth.  Luckily Aaron quickly explained that all the other teeth are only worth 1 dollar or the Tooth Fairy might go broke!

A happy day for my big boy...
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