Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Morning

The anticipation was almost too much for the kids this year. They woke up like little wild animals ready to go on a hunt...

First on the agenda was to find where that crazy easter bunny put their baskets. He wrote them a note with a clue and they went tearing through the house in search of the goods.

Ginger found the baskets unattended and decided to treat herself to a couple jelly beans for breakfast...Good thing he didn't leave chocolate!

On to the hunt!  Now that the boys are older, the Easter bunny was able to get a bit more creative on the hiding spots.  They had SO much fun!

Two happy wee ones=A happy mom and Dad

I have learned to pick my battles.  If my four year old wants to have a trough of jelly beans attached to his neck for breakfast on Easter, I'm not standing in his way.  
Don't judge, I swear I push the healthy stuff the rest of the year.  Well, except for maybe Christmas.

Once again, bubbles were a huge hit on Easter Morning.  
I swear, they are like magic.
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What a great morning!

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