Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooky crafts

I know, I know, this would have been nice to see before Halloween, but better late that never.  I prefer to think of it as planning ahead for next year.

So I was so excited to find this FREE printable kit of spook decor to spruce up my mantle with.  It is called the Witches Larder and it even comes with cupcake toppers, menus and place cards if you're throwing a party.  I stuck with the decor items, but it was so easy that I think I have to do a banner for every holiday now.
All I had to do was print, cut and glue!
You can go as crazy as you want with it, and I'll probably pick it up a notch next year, but this is what I did this time.  So easy and so fun!

Click here for the free printable kit and have fun with it!

I used black glue sticks in my glue gun to create the top of the poison potion.  I spray painted my mason jar lids and found some spooky jar fillers at the dollar tree.

I used mini chocolate chips for witches moles and marshmallows for Luna Moth eggs.

The banner was the best part!  I printed it on heavy card-stock and used a hole punch and twine tied with knots.
I really had fun with it and plan on adding to it next year so stay tuned...

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