Monday, August 8, 2011

Archaeologists in training

For those who don't know, my boys are are obsessed with playmobil.  With in this obsession, they have had many different interests.  Playmobil literally makes toys for every theme you can imagine.  For the past few months it has been Egyptians for Aaron which then in turn has led to him wanting to become an archaeologist.  So now you know the history, here they are practicing their skills.  The received these little archaeologist kits with treasures buried in plaster and a few tools to dig them out.  This was an awesome gift by the way, because it kept them busy foo like 2 hours!  They loved it!
Working together...two heads are better than one right?  This one was Aaron's with Egyptian artifacts.

Ty's was a Dinosaur egg.
The tools were taking FOREVER, so they decided water would help things along.

He was so excited to finally get to that dinosaur.  He really had fun with this.

Aaron swore these must be "priceless works of art".
What a fun activity this was for the boys.  Aaron now wants to collect them all so he train to become a famous archaeologist and go to Egypt as soon as possible.  Not to worry though, He said he will send me postcards and pictures everyday.  =)

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