Saturday, May 14, 2011

Open House

We went to Aaron's first grade open house last week.  It was so cute to see how excited he was to show us around the classroom.  We loved seeing all of his projects and artwork.  He has grown up so much this year.  He is much more independent, making new friends, and doing so well.  He has also developed a few "sassy" habits as well...

The other day I was explaining something to him and he actually said "Duh Mom.  I already know that." 
I guess that's part of growing up right?  

Here's a few highlights from our evening.

Outside his classroom door.

Showing us his "100 year old" project.  In case you were wondering he will be running a haunted mansion when he is 100 years old because he will look a little spooky.

The boys at Aaron's desk

The boys with Mommy at Aaron's desk.  Oh, Aaron is pretending to be Egyptian.

Here is Aaron reading us his animal report.  He is reading so well now and gaining more confidence everyday.  So cute! 

Don't forget to scroll down and pause the music so you can hear it...
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