Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embrace the Camera: March 17th 2011

Man, I can't believe what a slacker I have been lately on my blog!  I haven't "embraced" in a whole month!  Yikes! OK, enough with the Mom guilt...on with the show.

Lately we have been trying to stay sane in the house.  Our rainy season has been truly rainy.  Don't get me wrong, I love the rain.  I know we need it, but there are times as a Mom of two energetic boys, when you just need ban them from the house.  So, naturally when the sun peeks out briefly you drop everything and get those kids outside!  This usually involves Jeremy going out with them. {thanks honey!}

I have always found it fascinating how much children LOVE bubbles.  It is such a simple concept and yet it never ceases to entertain.

Ladies and Gentlemen...I bring you the bubble boys.

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  1. HAHA! Bubbles!!! Kids are soooo amazed by bubbles. Heck Im still amazed with bubbles :)

  2. Yes yes can't seem to get enough of bubbles. Plus, happy kids means happy moms.

  3. yes, bubbles are like a magical gift from heaven.

    can keep my kids entertained for hours!

    hope you're well :)