Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best Buddies

I just have to say that I love watching the little relationship that has been forming between the boys.  It really makes me proud to see how they are with each other lately.  Don't get me wrong, they are not perfect little angels.  They still fight like all brothers do, but I don't really need to blog about that now do I?  Today is all about the good stuff.  So I decided to share a few pics from the pre-blog days and a few sweet stories.  I worry that someday when my dementia kicks in I will forget all of this...and I don't want to.  So I blog...

When Ty was born, Aaron was always kissing him and sharing his blankets with him.  I just thought this was so sweet.  He has always loved babies.  Now that Ty is older, he goes and gets Aaron's blankets for him.  He walks him into dark rooms holding his hand because Aaron is afraid of the dark.  Also, the other day, Aaron's Zipper on his PJ's was stuck,,,there was Ty helping him fix it.  I love catching moments like these...

Notice a couple things here.  First of all, they are holding hands...aaawww...so cute!  Second, I love the way that Ty is staring at his brother.  Nothing gets past this kid.  He has always looked up to him.  Now I think Ty thinks he is actually the older brother.  Luckily, Aaron is so passive and go with the flow, he is more than happy allowing Ty to take the lead.

I just thought this was so sweet...

Here they are now.  They look forward to after school when they can play together.  They still hold hands when crossing the street.  They pick out things for each other at the store.  They help each other find missing toys. They gang up on Daddy for "smack down".  But most of all, their actions show that they love each other.  They really are Best Buddies.
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