Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dillan's Beach

This summer we were fortunate enough to go on a family vacation for my Mom's 60th birthday.  We went to Dillan's beach and had a great time!  It was definitely not the warmest of beaches and we did get caught in quite the wind storm, but we had fun nonetheless...

Mr. Cool in his element.

One thing the wind is good for...Kites!
They could have played catch the waves all day.

Yep, you look pretty darn cool too.
Auntie Auntie is a bit of a regular at Dillan's beach.

Jeremy pulled the boys back and forth for what seemed like hours on the board.  They LOVED it!
Aaron loved soaking up the warmth of the sand.
My prego sister catching a cat nap.

My 60 year old Mom with my "little" brother.
Loving every minute
My man doing the baywatch run...

Keeping this lawn ornament safe became a bit of an obsession for Beckie during the wind storm.

Kite flying and picnics on the deck
Soaking up the rays with my snuggly boy


Our little Family

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