Monday, March 12, 2012

The Darn Tree

Our wonderful next door neighbors have this tree that is awesome for climbing. I must admit that when the boys first discovered it, I was fully against climbing trees.
 I could picture nothing good coming out of it. 
Mind you, as a Mom you always picture the "what ifs". 
 Let me just say my mind can picture every scenario of disaster when it comes to boys climbing trees.
It's not pretty.

With much deliberation, begging and pleading, I have come to terms with this tree that our boys are crazy about. 
The boys (especially Aaron) take full advantage of this. 
 In fact, he has admitted that it is always a sad day when he doesn't get to climb the tree. 
 I have also found the good in the tree. 
Just look at these boys smiling faces.

Moral of the story, I actually learned something from that tree.
Sometimes as a parent, I have to let my kiddos do things that I may not be 100% comfortable with.
As hard as it is to watch, they have to learn some things on their own.
I will always try and protect them as best I can.
I am saying that sometimes I have to let them climb a tree.

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