Friday, July 30, 2010

Funny Story

It was a nice, relaxing evening in the backyard with the boys and Aaron was wearing his green frog rain boots. A bit warm for summer, I know, but he LOVES to wear them. Anyway, he is running around, swinging on the swing set and going on the slide. Then the boys decide to play pirates and run around some more. Basically, quite a bit of time goes by when Aaron says there is something in his boot. Jeremy and I think it's a piece of bark or something and watch him take it off , but with great haste. Then he throws it out of his tree house and says "Can you please get that lizard out of my's botherin' me!" I go to check it out and laughed my head off! There was indeed a quite large and completely freaked out lizard inside. That poor thing went around in the toe of his boot for quite a about the ride off his life. :0 When we let the poor thing out of the boot, he ran right toward Ty. He basically jumped a foot and screamed like a little girl. Man I wish I had my video camera! LOL!!!

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