Friday, June 25, 2010

Hermosa Beach

Wow! We have been busy little bees lately! We just got back from an absolutely fabulous, and much needed vacation. We went to Hermosa Beach with the whole crew. We only had three things on the schedule for the whole week...Disneyland (one day), Jay Leno at the comedy club, and Beach time. We literally walked out in the morning to the beach and only came back when we were hungry. It was wonderful. So here's some highlights. Enjoy and try not to be too jealous... =)

A walk on the pier...

Aaron & Ty absolutely LOVED the sand!

Aaron Ty and their cousin Maddi played so well cute!

Ty and his ice cream cone. Mmmmmm...

Aaron making "Sand Angels".

Aaron loved being buried in a hole. The only problem was that he wanted to fill it in with dirt and have Jeremy dig another one over and over again. Doesn't make it very relaxing for Jeremy!

Jeremy and Ty on "Pirates of the Caribbean". Turned out to be Ty's favorite ride.

Mommy and Ty on Ariel's Carosel

Apparently there is an ultra exclusive club in D-land...Club 33. I didn't even know about it...then again most people don't! Anyway, it only has 487 members world wide and a ton of people on the waiting list. Somehow, one of Jeremy's connections from work (GE) got us in for the best meal of our lives.

Here is Aaron getting ready to go on his favorite ride (Small World) with a silly face...

Aaron trying out the skim board

I thought it was so cute to see the boys snuggle up together at the end of every day. They were sooo exhausted! You know there is no way they would ever snuggle together if they were awake! So sweet!

Our only hick up was the morning after Disneyland (3:45am to be exact)when Ty rolled out of bed and hit his head on the corner of the night stand. One trip to the ER and 3 staples later, he was good to go and we enjoyed the rest of our trip. Overall, we had a fabulous time though and the kids are already asking when we can go back to the beach...

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