Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. You can ever really understand it until you become a mother yourself. Other mom's will try to explain or give advice (usually when you're nine months pregnant) but until you are officially in the club you will not quite get it. Oh, and once you are in the club, you are in it for life. It doesn't stop when your kids move out of the house or even when your kids have kids. It's for life and it's wonderful.

Top Ten things Your Mom never told you...

10. You will never go to bed again without a thousand things going through your mind to do tomorrow
. Oh, and good luck sleeping through the night ever again...Sleepless nights don't stop after the "newborn stage".

9. You will get puked, pooped and peed on...a lot.

8. On that subject
, you will worry about the color, frequency and consistency of your kids poop. You also will develop the stomach to talk about it during dinner without gagging.

7. The question "Who won that one?" will haunt your thoughts multiple times a day.

6. You will have to become a master mind at manipulation just to get your kids to try their dinner.

5. You will get advice about motherhood from every Joe and Jane on the street and stories about how well behaved their kids always are. "My sally NEVER did that!" Yeah right...

4. People will judge you for everything you do no matter what...especially other Mom's. (What's up with that?)

3. You will feel a crazy animal awaken inside you and her name is "Mother Bear". Make peace with her early on, she is with you in this club for life.

2. Kiss your memory goodbye...

1. As a Mother, you will feel more joy and love than can be expressed on this page...It's overwhelming and wonderful. Your kids will capture your heart again and again with all the little things they do. I didn't ever really know how much my Mom loved me until I had my two boys.

I have to hand it to all the Mom's out there. You are amazing and this is your day to live it up and hopefully take a break. Enjoy your day...I know I will!

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